Federico discovered the existance of a real Drifting Cahmpionship during 2004, year of birth of his love with "Giallina", an Impreza STI Subaru that he transofrmed into a rear traction car. During 2006 he took part in his first race into SCDT (Super drift Professional Challenge) challenge, getting jis first podium.

After his successful season in Italy, he went to Japan in 2008 to learn real drifting art becoming one of Europe Top Drifter. In the same year, after having won 5 titles in Europe, Fede-Chan arrived into world drift homeland, Japan, where he was officially acquired from Team Orange. He competed first into WDSC (World Drift Summit & Competition), then in 2009 for the first time into Exhibition Match of D1GP at Odaiba, getting the 12th place and finishing in the best 16, a really good result considering he had to challenge the "monsters" of this discipline.

His experience in Japan continued in 2010 and took part not in an exibition but in a official race of championship, always in Odaiba, and it was the first round of D1GP. He competed into D1GP in 2010 again, at the 5th round at Ebisu, where he had to raise his technical level to compete with best drivers in the world. He didn't give up an he took part in 6th round too, at Fukushima Circuit, where he continued to improve his technical level.

During November 2010 Federico confirmed his position into world stage, taking part in World Drift Summit & Competition Nation Cup, winning qualify and race. He had his first results in D1GP Championship too, among which the 6th place in the round at Ebisu, the most spectacular and dangerous circuit in that cahmpionship. In April 2012 Federico show his talent at his best at Odaiba, winning in front of the big public of the Tokyo International D1GP Exibition Match. In the August of the same year Red Bull called Federico for a spectacular event: Red Bull Drift Battle at Tiennmeshan Mountain, in China. This is a challenge on a breath-taking mountain road, that is called "road to heaven", composed of 99 hairpin curves, against the titlist James Lang. In that event Federico won the race in a spectacular way, live on china national channels.

After 2 months Red Bull called Federico to invite him for the 3rd round of Red Bull Drift Battle Championship too. He won also this round showing his passion and energy through his way to drive. Federico organises also driving class all around Italy, takes part and organises drifting exhibitions, bringing with him Team Orange. "I want to improve more and more my drive technique and my extravagance doing drifting, in order to give strong emotions to all extreme sports and non extreme sports fans. My target from 2009 is to be the first occidental driver as winner of a season of D1GP in Japan, i'm working hard on it and i'll never give up. I liked a lot China and it was a great begin of my unique experience. Won D1GP, maybe i could think to seduce big American public too!"